Dave Fason

Words of wife, Jamie Fason

Dave Fason (or David as I call him) is a photographer based in North Carolina. He lives with me and our two sweet pups, Max & Baxter. He is at home by the water and spends any time he can hoping along rocky creek beds like a billy goat or chasing the waves on the coast. You’ll always find him equipped with a fly rod and camera. When he’s not finding local fish he’s servicing his small business, NanoBox Reef, building aquarium lights. He loves to cook and is amazing at it in fact! It’s clear he has found the easiest way to learn about people is through sharing cuisine. He’s never met a stranger and is always up for any adventure as you can see with his documentation of his travels, favorite fish, cultures and food.

His clients include: C. Barclay Fly Rod Co, RapidLED, Water Works, Paintball Central, South Water Adventures, Match The Hatch Magazine. He also manages marketing for his business NanoBox Reef.

For booking or contact : davefason@gmail.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dafason/